The Sample

If you have seen our ads or posters, chances are that you have wondered where the statistics come from. Well, they are the result of painstaking, careful surveying of MSU students, usually with a sample size of over 1,000. Sure, the amount of people might seem small in comparison to the 46,000 students that attend MSU, but have you ever noticed the sample size for national surveys? Many which survey the entire U.S. (with a population of about 300 million), like many political polls, have samples about the same size as we have!

Also, we use a random method to get the sample, which ensures that the characteristics of the people surveyed are the same characteristics of the entire campus population. We don't even get the sample ourselves, so there is no bias involved; we recieve a list of students from the University, who randomly selects students from a database. We then contact those students, giving them the choice to participate in our survey. We offer incentives to anyone who responds, because we seriously appreciate your help and we understand that taking our survey takes time out of your already hectic schedule.

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