Safe Drinking Tips

Believe it or not, it is actually possible to protect yourself while drinking and still have a good time! Here are some tips to help you stay safe the next time you drink, all of which are already practiced by MSU students:

  1. Stay with the same group of friends all night.
  2. Assume personal responsibility to drink moderately, keep control, and be careful.
  3. Watch your drinks.
  4. Choose not to drink alcohol at all.
  5. Party only in a familiar, safe, and comfortable environment.
  6. Stay over at party house or safe nearby house to avoid an unsafe drive or walk.
  7. If you need to go home, walk to avoid an unsafe drive, use a designated driver, or call a cab.
  8. Arrange for an escort when going anywhere, don't travel alone.
  9. Alternate non-alcoholic with alcoholic beverages.
  10. Don't party with strangers or by yourself, only drink with people that you know and trust.

It is important not to get lost in the practices of what may seem "normal" to you and not even realize how harmful your behavior actually could be. If you want to take an objective look at your alcohol consumption, realize the risks associated with it, and see how your behavior compares with other students, then take the e-CHUG assessment, an interactive tool that will give you individualized feedback about your alcohol use.

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