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Outreach is an important part of our effort. We're making as much material as possible available to those interested in developing or expanding their social norms programs. Materials will include previous ads created for the campaign, presentations made at various conferences and meetings, and survey design materials used to measure the culture of alcohol on our campus.

To start, an overview video from a presentation by Larry Hembroff, on evaluating a social norms program. We're cutting the video into digestible sections on out video page, or click here to watch Larry's overview of program evaluation. 

Download the Social Norms Manual:

The content of this website can also be obtained in a .pdf file for download and print.

Download Challenging High Risk Drinking

Download Posters, Flyers, Newspaper Ads, Table Tents:

To facilitate the success of norms based programs, we are making our campaign materials available for download. The files are fully editable Adobe .pdf files, which contain all relevant fonts and graphics, and can be edited within Adobe's suite of print and graphical programs (Illustrator, InDesign, Photoshop). We have broken the materials down by distribution method:



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