MSU Student Norms

Here are some of the norms of MSU students that we've discovered from our surveys, which were also featured in our '07/'08 campaign:

  • 90% of MSU students do not allow alcohol to interfere with their academics.
  • 56% consume 0-4 drinks when partying/socializing.
  • 92% who choose to drink eat food before or while consuming alcohol.
  • 81% of MSU students use a designated driver.
  • 74% of MSU students choose not to drive after drinking, even if they have just one.
  • 90% of MSU students disapprove of drinking to the point of passing out.
  • 94% of MSU students disapprove of pressuring someone to drink more than they want.
  • On a typical Thursday night, 70% of MSU students are doing something other than drinking.
  • Most MSU students would call 911 for a friend who had passed out from drinking.
  • Most MSU students frequently or occasionally choose not to drink when partying.
  • 60% of MSU students consume alcohol 0 – 1 times weekly.
  • 71% of students drink less than 5 times monthly.
  • Most MSU students drink only one kind of alcohol when they party.
  • Most MSU students stay with the same group of friends while drinking.
  • Most MSU students pace their drinks to one per hour or less.

On St. Patrick’s Day, most MSU students celebrate in the true spirit of slainte (Irish for “good health”) by:

  • Drinking moderately if at all,
  • Staying with trusted friends,
  • Eating their fill of traditional foods,
  • And arranging for safe travel home.

Over the entire Spring Break week, 61% of MSU undergraduates will drink moderately or not at all. Of the ones who do drink, over 91% will stay with the same group of friends.

85% of MSU students who choose to drink on Halloween stay with the same group of friends the entire time, and 91% eat food before or while celebrating.

What social norms topic would you most like to learn more about?

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