Did interventions reach the audience?

To answer this question, we used surveys that presented students with real ads and fake ads. We then asked the students if they saw the ad. By presenting both real ads and fake ads, we increased the reliability that students were not just responding that they saw all of the ads. The tables below overwhelmingly demonstrate that our students did see the ads and that the responses were reliable.

Percentage of Undergrads Reporting Seeing at Least 1 of the Norming Ads During the Semester, by Semester and Year

Ad viewership by semester

Source: Celebration Surveys 2-9, n=1,211; n=1,040; n=1,277; n=1,073; n=1,334; n=1,110; n=891; n=1,405

Percentage of Respondents Who Claimed to Have Seen Each Ad/Poster

Ad viewership by ad

Source: Spring Celebration Survey, 2005