Did change occur in normative perceptions?

To measure whether changes occurred in normative perceptions, we compared data from surveys overtime. In 2000, when we administered the NCHA, we found that the perceived average number of drinks the typical student consumed was 6.24. In 2006, when we administered the same survey, that number dropped to 5.87, a 6.8% decrease. It is important to remember that a social norms program will not work overnight. It is not a quick fix. But, if messages are persistent and consistent, changes in perceptions can occur.

In addition to finding the perceptions of average consumption decreasing, we also measured how many students believed that the typical student drank 0-4 drinks the last time they partied. The following chart demonstrates that the percentage for all populations, grad, undergrad, male, and female increased from 2000 to 2006.

Percentage of Respondents Who Believe the Typical Student Drank 0-4 Last Time Partied, by Gender and Student Status

Changes in normative perceptions

Source: MSU NCHA 2000 - 2006