Did change occur in the amount of harm?

Perhaps the most important question for us as preventative care health researchers is, “Were there changes in the amount of harm students experienced?” In all of our surveys, we have asked students whether or not they experienced harm as a result of their drinking with regard to several topics. These topics included doing something that was later regretted; forgetting actions and places; injuring self; injuring others; having unprotected sex; having forced sex; and being involved in fights. From 2000 to 2006 we have seen an 8.5% reduction in self-injury, a 34.8% reduction in unprotected sex due to alcohol, a 17.0% reduction in fights, and a 78.3% reduction in forced sex. Furthermore, there have been significant reductions in academic harm by year.

Change in Academic Harm, by Year

Change in academic harm by year

2007 National Social Norms Conference